Keep your pets

Animals are susceptible to extreme temperatures. In particular, the extreme changes in temperature may prove unhealthy for pets. In hot weather, a pet may seek out a cool spot in the house. For example, it is common to see a dog sleeping in a bathtub in hot weather. Similarly, in chilly weather, the pet may seek a warm spot.

Beds and bedding generally available for pets are focused on softness or appearance of the bed, for example: sofa beds are commercially available that are aesthetic in appearance and soft for the pets.


  • The principal object of our invention is directed at temperature-controlled bed assembly for pets.
  • Pal Pet Bed assembly can provide protection against both the cold and hot weathers.
  • Pal Pet Bed is enabled to intelligently control the temperature.
  • Pal Pet Bed would also provide changeable essences for the pet and to hide any pet odor.
  • Pet owners can preset the temperature of conditioned air & set the temperature remotely.

Keep your pet
Safe & Happy

  • Pal Pet Bed is typically cuboidal in shape, wherein the length and width can be the same or different. The edges can be rounded and the frame can be provided in different shapes, including rhombus, round, and like. All such shapes of the frame are within the scope of the present invention. The frame can be manufactured in assorted sizes to suit animals of assorted sizes.
  • Pal Pet Bed includes a control panel that can be used for setting the desired temperature. The control panel will be connected to a mobile app for remote access and control.
  • Pal Pet Bed includes a pressure sensor that can detect the presence of the pet on the bed. The pressure sensor can be calibrated according to the weight of the pet, thus avoiding any false signals.
  • Pal Pet Bed also include a temperature sensor that can be used for taking the temperature of the room. The control unit upon receiving the temperatures automatically controls the temperature control unit to activate either the heating unit or the cooling unit.
  • Pal Pet Bed also includes a scent diffuser to emit scents or aromas as per the liking of the pet.